Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Holiday Hustle

Hello again! I know, I know- I still haven’t finished those 21-Day Challenge posts. I’ve been lazy about getting the photos up, and busy with all the Christmas hubbub after finals finished. Shopping to finish, cookies to make, cards to go out, gifts to wrap- you know, the usual.

It’s been fantastic so far, though. It really has- we went to the in-laws’ Christmas eve and stayed through Christmas day, and it was a great day with family. I made eggnog cookies Ryan swore were going to go over like a lead balloon, and after his brother destroying them (he ate like a dozen and a half all on his own!) Christmas eve and the rest of the family getting at them the next day, I only ended up taking like 6 of the original 3.5 dozen home with us. I’d say that’s successful cookies, considering 3 of the people at the family gathering are on Weight Watchers and how much other food there was.

Now, the Lyle family Christmas is a food-intensive event. The day goes as follows: snack food (which stays out), presents, dinner (always something delicious and hearty), dessert (a mountain of it), the $5-exchange card game, more food (whatever’s still on the counter), and it wraps up with the distributing of leftovers. It’s great- this year we left with shepherd’s pie, lasagna, and a gallon baggie of Aunt Lori’s cookies. Mmm…

But it does mean we’re going to have to make up for it with the Wii and Wii Fit Plus we got this year! SO excited for that- almost more excited than for Skyrim- almost. We spent like three hours playing with the balance games last night without even realizing it haha!

And there’s still two Christmases to go for us, one with my dad and stepmom, and one with the Coon family, my maternal side. Both are next weekend. Dad and Nelma’s is always less food-heavy, since there’s only four or five of us, but the Coons always break out the buffet, too. Aunt Dana’s cookie trays and Gramma’s cheeseburger cookies are some of those staples I look forward to every year. The “food food” as opposed to the desserts always rotates a little, so it’s harder to have something to get excited for, because it might not show up. But those cookies always do (except a couple years for the cheeseburgers…they were just hard for Gramma to get around to, and I understand. No hard feelings over cookies!), so they’re easy things to anticipate. Plus, well, that “cookie problem” I’ve mentioned before- seriously, I probably need an intervention and court-ordered Cookie-Eaters Anonymous meetings. 22 and still haven’t grown out of it πŸ™‚

But it means I’m still busy- even when I’m taking a break, I’m still hustling around getting stuff done. C’est la vie!

Hope everyone’s holidays have been swell, and that the warm fuzzies hold out through New Year’s for you. (I’ll get those posts finished one of these days…really, I will…)


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