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21 Day Challenge: Days 11-15

Recap of where we’ve been so far:
Junk Drawer
Computer desk, Tupperware cabinet, (linen closet), under the kitchen sink
Dresser drawers, pantry, coat closet, toys,  laundry room

Days 11-15 included the freezer, the spice cabinet, the medicine cabinet, under the bathroom sink, and medicine/vitamin storage , respectively. I put these together because they’re all pretty much related. There’s a chunk in the challenge that is all bathroom/kitchen related.

The freezer was a mess. Plain and simple. We have an apartment-sized fridge that is shorter than I am and still has both a fridge and freezer part. Ergh.

At least it’s stocked with healthy stuff, right? Well, after digging through there, I tossed about 2.5 lbs of various meats I didn’t even know we had that were freezer-burned, an expired package of organic french fries, two boxes of baking soda (I remembered not being able to find them when it was time to replace them…whoops…), and a leftover container of questionable contents. Seriously- I didn’t have a single clue what it was.

But then it turned into this:

Sure, it doesn’t look much better to you, but I know exactly  what’s in there now, and it’s all categorized and arranged for ease-of-use. I would very much like to get some bins in there like Jen of iHeart Organizing did in her freezer redo (link goes to that post), but I’m not even sure they’d fit! I hate apartment-sized appliances with such a passion it’s not even funny anymore. UGH.
(I didn’t bother showing you the door because all that’s in there is our “chiller” cups, ice packs, and ice. And it’s always been tidy.)

Spice cabinet was short and sweet because I just redid it, and there isn’t a whole lot in there, really. Just a few staples we use often. All I did was write the expiration dates on the lids so they’re easier to see, wipe down the cabinet, and toss a couple chicken taco seasoning packets.

The medicine cabinet was fun, because we kind of have two. There’s one above the toilet and another behind the mirror. The one behind the mirror is mostly storage of extras; another tube of toothpaste, another bottle of contact solution, etc. and things the shelves in the other one don’t accommodate. I cheated a little and combined two days here- I figured while I’m in there anyway, I may as well take care of the medicine cabinet and the medicine/vitamin storage (since the challenge only separated because the blogger doesn’t keep her meds in the medicine cabinet, anyway) challenges at the same time. Plus, they’re kind of overlapping storage, and I wanted to try to re-categorize a bit.

I adjusted the shelves in the one above the toilet so it’d be more flexible and give me more options for what I can get in there. This is definitely a place where I’ll be looking for bin solutions; you can see that I used a couple of recycled jam jars to hold some items vertically that were taking up space horizontally before or were hard to really find a place for. I kind of like it- it lends a bit of an old apothecary feel to the space.

 I also categorized things much better this time, I think, though some stuff was still slightly displaced from its kind due to the shelves not being quite cooperative enough (like the saline wound cleaner, which I wanted with the rest of the first-aid type stuff in the toilet cabinet, was just too tall for the shelf still).  What I really like is that there is now *space* in there. It’s not all crammed in, and I can put more extras if we acquire them.
And for those of you eying that Bath & Body Works stash there- yes, I might have a problem :p

We don’t have an under-the-sink space in our bathroom, so I organized our blue drawer tower we have instead, since it fulfills the under-the-sink function.

I’m just going to do before and after side-by-sides for the drawers, since there’s not much to say about them individually. Only the bottom three- the top just contains tampons and associated goods, and it’s SUPER organized anyway, so y’all don’t need to see that…

The contacts and alcohol pads you can see in the before photos found new homes in the medicine cabinets- the alcohol swabs were swapped out for Ryan’s vitamins in the toilet cabinet and the contacts ended up next to the contact solution in the mirror cabinet. The razors are still (yes…now) pending Ryan’s say of whether he wants to keep them or not, as they’re his and I try not to just toss stuff of his.

Almost finished- only 6 days left! Felt MUCH better at this point, thanks to the hardcore organizing involved in the medicine cabinet portion and the relief with the freezer, and felt far more productive because of it. Definitely think it helped with my studying for the impending finals. The last 6 actually took place during finals week, and helped me through it for sure.

Sometimes, finding joy in cleaning is really, really useful!


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