Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Breaking Point

Finally made it to winter break- four final exams down, and only one grade listed in the system, but so far, I did well this past semester. It wasn’t the worst pile of homework I’ve ever had, nor was it my easiest, and there were both hardships and poor scholarship that follow most of us through college. There are some grades which are less than they could have been that are entirely my fault, and I hope to correct that for my last semester here. I know- how exciting! Though honestly, I’m mostly excited right now to not have homework more nights than not.

But that means I’ve got no excuse to not be blogging away over break! Especially with all the domestic fun the holiday season brings with it.

Starting with the catch-up posts from the 21 Day Challenge. I’ll be getting those up today and tomorrow; probably in posts of 3 or 4 days each.

Stay with me, folks. We’re about to enter a flurry of baking, cooking dinners (and sometimes other meals), entertaining, cleaning, and crafting, and it’s gonna be fun!

And no homework to get in the way.


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