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21 Day Challenge: Days 6-10

Recap of where we’ve been so far:
Junk Drawer
Computer desk, Tupperware cabinet, (linen closet), under the kitchen sink

Days 6-10 included the dresser drawers, the pantry, the coat closet, toys, and the laundry room, respectively. Now, to be fair, I don’t actually have three out of five of these things. No pantry, no kids with toys, and I go to the laundromat for our laundry. So I had to get a little creative.

Dresser drawers were easy, in the fact that there really isn’t any room for me to do anything. We have one little five-drawer unit whose drawers are about 1 square foot, and it contains our socks, underwear, and bathing suits, with separate drawers for his socks, my socks, his underwear, my underwear, and the fifth housing both of our swimsuits. Since that’s all that’s in there, I don’t really think you all want to see what was in those drawers, so I’m going to skip the photos on this one. I did some purging of my toe socks that I don’t really wear anymore and checked over underwear for unacceptable holes and whatnot, but that’s about all that happened, with four of the five drawers bursting at the seams with their contents.

For the non-existent pantry, I was going to do the fridge, but then noticed that that’s a later challenge. The post on A Bowl Full of Lemons suggests doing a food-related storage space instead. But I just redid all my cupboards. Hmm…
So I landed on purging everything in our canned goods that contained high fructose corn syrup or an unacceptable quantity of sodium. Don’t worry- I’m not throwing them out. I’m donating them, even though I feel a little bad passing on things we have decided it’s unacceptable for us to eat. Again, there aren’t really any real photos for this one, except this:

The photo on the left is the original stash, which was stacked all the way to the back of the cupboard all across.

This shows how much of our canned food stash had to go, thanks to HFCS and stupid amounts of sodium. I was a little surprised myself- exactly why it’s important to read the labels on everything before it goes in the cart! It was about half of it. All the canned soups and ravioli, the soups for sodium and the ravioli for HFCS.

The coat closet was a bit of a challenge. There’s not a lot of room in there, and it’s got this horrid set of sliding doors on it, so I can’t ever get at everything all at once. It also functions somewhat as “overflow” storage for some things. It’s pretty much got anything outdoors related in it, plus some extra chairs, our laptop cases, a pair of ice skates of Ryan’s, my floppy summer hats, the vacuum, broom, and Swiffer, games, the recycling bag, and oh yeah- our coats. It’s a lot of pressure for one closet to handle, so I keep it as tidy as I can to start with.

(The vacuum, broom, and recycling bag are missing from the photo due to having been in use frequently and thus left out)

You can see the evil door in most of the photos- ergh. I hate that style of door so much it’s not even funny. I’d rather have a door that swings or at least one of the bi-fold ones, where it slides and accordions at one side.

True to the challenge, I pulled everything out, swept, purged, and replaced, though everything pretty much ended up going right back where it came from. It wasn’t even a visible difference, so I didn’t bother taking an “after” photo. Just picture the “before” photo without the shower caddy in it and with the blue galoshes pushed back into its place, and you’ve seen the “new” closet. I would like to get one of those little stick-on push lights for it, since it doesn’t have its own light or one in the apartment that even points at it, but that’s about all I can really do for this space.

Next up was toys. Well, we don’t have kids to have toys, so I had my choices here. We have an extensive Magic: the Gathering collection, I could do the video games and DVDs, or I could do as the post suggested and do my crafting supplies. I opted to do the games and DVDs. We don’t have all that many, so it wasn’t too bad, but the setup for the TV stand is a little awkward for accessing things. It’s got quite a bit of storage in it, but it’s because it’s pretty much square, rather than being shallow and accessible. So all I really had to do was prioritize what was going to be up front and what was going to hide out in back.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a before photo, because I was just so ready to go at it (I was SUPER sick of studying at that point!), but here’s the end result:

I’d like to ultimately be able to store the PS2 and maybe even the dance mats (for DDR) in there, but the functionality would be questionable. Needs more thought.

And last, the laundry room…like I said, I don’t have a laundry room to clean up. I’d love it if I did, but alas, our apartment just isn’t that cool. We have a hamper in the bedroom closet and I have a bag I tote around that has our detergent, quarters, dryer balls, and dryer sheets in it, and that’s always well-organized. What I did instead was institute a laundry policy designed to help keep everything else tidy, as well. From now on, if it doesn’t make it into the hamper by the time I step out the door to do laundry, it doesn’t get washed. I don’t care if you need it tomorrow; should have gotten it in the hamper when you realized it needed to be washed. This policy is going to be in effect for the kids when they get here, too. Should help quite a bit, I think.

By this point in the challenge, I began to see the need for more organizing bins and baskets and things, but have just made a mental note and haven’t actually had the time to go seeking them out just yet. Maybe I’ll get some after Christmas.


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