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21 Day Challenge: Days 2-5

Recap of where we’ve been already:
Day 1: Junk Drawer

Days 2-5 were the computer desk, the tupperware cabinet, the linen closet, and under the kitchen sink, respectively.

The computer desk was the easy part; we have a small desk and we both use it, so there’s really not enough space for it to get too bad. The area next to it we won’t discuss yet!

As you can see, usually the only problem is paper accumulation and beverage containers.

Moving everything off, dusting and wiping the top down with an all-purpose cleaner (I don’t have furniture polish, and really don’t consider it worth polishing. We found it next to the dumpster and it can’t have been expensive to start with.), and putting it all back was about all it took to make the computer desk as clean as it could get. With proper filing/tossing of miscellany , of course. The lack of space does kind of disguise any look of real progress or change, but that’s alright.
You’ll notice the dried sea-oat stem is missing from the blue bottle- this was done in preparation for decorating for the holidays. There will be photos, don’t worry!

The Tupperware cabinet was a little trickier, as it’s a crappy space and also a shared-function space. There’s much more than just the food storage in there (and, come to think of it, only one piece of actual Tupperware), and while it’s the largest cabinet in the kitchen, it’s a bottom-level cabinet that includes some around-the-corner storage which is difficult to get to even if there’s nothing in the way. It’s a project I’d wanted to get to, though, because I’ve always felt it could be better.

I had to take two photos to really show you my tupperware with the way the cupboard was before cleaning. Yep- most of the ones I use all the time were in the back, behind stuff. And you’ll see a stack at the front of the cupboard where Ryan just throws them when he’s washed them- not at all where they’re supposed to go. I’m hoping that with them being in better places, that will stop.

I also wanted to make sure that I reorganized the cupboard better by how everything is used, not just the tupperware. You can see the rice cooker and the electric mixer in the photos, but there’s also a blender and a crock pot you can’t see. And while I use all of them, they are used with varying frequency, and I don’t want to always have to move the rice cooker to get the crock pot, for example.

I think I managed to accomplish this. Pulled everything out and inventoried (I only ended up tossing a foil pie tin I didn’t even know I had and a cookie tin I’ve never used out of the cupboard), cleaned, and reordered. This is what I ended up with:

Much better, right? All the food storage is up top, making it easier to grab, and all the appliances are down on the bottom (with the exception of the mixer, which will go in that space up top there) with their ease of access proportional to their frequency of use. I also moved around my collection of recycled jars and vases to a more accessible spot, so I could better track what I have available for stuff. This cupboard seems much more functional now, and I love it! Still considering some ideas for lid storage, just to help compact things some more, but I guess keeping the lids on certain pieces helps prevent me from overstocking them.

The linen closet I skipped outright. I’ll replace it with some effort on the bedroom closet later, since that’s where our (rather limited) linen stash calls home anyway.


Under the sink wasn’t too bad, either, since there’s not much under there and I keep it pretty tidy.

  The only really messy part down there is that bag in the back, which houses mall-store bags- you know, the nice, sturdy, often brightly-colored ones you get from places like Charlotte Russe and WetSeal and Barnes and Noble. I keep those specifically for the bathroom trash can, since they’re sturdier than grocery-store plastic, and they look a little better, too.

But I still pulled everything out, cleaned, and replaced. And it turned out to look just a little better, but was more firmly categorized.

I folded up all those mall-store bags and “filed” them in a paper Bath & Body Works bag I found lying under the stuff in the back (whoops). They’re there behind the cleaning chemicals on the left, which are arranged by frequency of use and category. On the right side are all my refills for sink items- the next can of wipes, dish soap and hand soap refills for both the kitchen and bathroom, and my fold-up dish rack that I love. Also our beloved can of WD-40. Just to get it out of the way, I zip-tied the cord from the disposal to the sink pipe. It had been making it hard to get to some stuff.

So there’s some of what I did between studying- just some little things, really, but it’s getting the little things under control one at a time that helps you build a good habit, and that’s exactly what I’m hoping to do with this. I mean, as you’ve seen (and will see), I tend to be pretty tidy as it is, but making little, helpful adjustments can go a long way.




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