Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Pardon My Dust

I know, I know- the blog has been gathering dust. It’s just that time of year around MSU- finals week is upon us as of Monday, and I have an exam in each one of my four classes. So this thing has to take a back seat to my education, because my studies need to come before my recreation.

I have been keeping up with the 21 Day Challenge, though! And I made some delicious cupcakes (which I found on Pinterest- yes, I have made something I pinned!) which I must show you at some point. And I went to a museum showing titled Home: Perspectives on the Familiar which a friend of mine helped put together that I need to show photos of and write about.

So I have some posts I’ll be getting up; I just won’t necessarily be doing them on time. One or two will likely appear this week to keep me from burning out on my books and notes, but like I said: those books and notes need to come first.

I hope everyone is enjoying gearing up for the winter holidays- most of our Christmas/Yule shopping is done, but nothing is decorated and we don’t have a tree (because the little live one my grandparents got us last year died ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ). This will change after my last final on Friday, however- and there’s another post right there!

Whatever you’re doing this season, I hope you enjoy it. Winter in these northern latitudes is too miserable for us to not enjoy ourselves- just because the day is short and dark doesn’t mean you need to bring that darkness in with you!


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