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Monthly Archives: December, 2011

2011’s Last

New Year’s Eve, after 11 but before 12, and what am I doing? Baking at home while Ryan plays WoW. Opted for a quiet night at home rather than going out and getting into mischief. Plus there’s the Coon family Christmas tomorrow, and I had cookies to bake! 2011 was one of those years where …

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Holiday Hustle

Hello again! I know, I know- I still haven’t finished those 21-Day Challenge posts. I’ve been lazy about getting the photos up, and busy with all the Christmas hubbub after finals finished. Shopping to finish, cookies to make, cards to go out, gifts to wrap- you know, the usual. It’s been fantastic so far, though. …

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21 Day Challenge: Days 11-15

Recap of where we’ve been so far: Junk Drawer Computer desk, Tupperware cabinet, (linen closet), under the kitchen sink Dresser drawers, pantry, coat closet, toys,  laundry room Days 11-15 included the freezer, the spice cabinet, the medicine cabinet, under the bathroom sink, and medicine/vitamin storage , respectively. I put these together because they’re all pretty …

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21 Day Challenge: Days 6-10

Recap of where we’ve been so far: Junk Drawer Computer desk, Tupperware cabinet, (linen closet), under the kitchen sink Days 6-10 included the dresser drawers, the pantry, the coat closet, toys, and the laundry room, respectively. Now, to be fair, I don’t actually have three out of five of these things. No pantry, no kids …

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21 Day Challenge: Days 2-5

Recap of where we’ve been already: Day 1: Junk Drawer Days 2-5 were the computer desk, the tupperware cabinet, the linen closet, and under the kitchen sink, respectively. The computer desk was the easy part; we have a small desk and we both use it, so there’s really not enough space for it to get …

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Breaking Point

Finally made it to winter break- four final exams down, and only one grade listed in the system, but so far, I did well this past semester. It wasn’t the worst pile of homework I’ve ever had, nor was it my easiest, and there were both hardships and poor scholarship that follow most of us …

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Pardon My Dust

I know, I know- the blog has been gathering dust. It’s just that time of year around MSU- finals week is upon us as of Monday, and I have an exam in each one of my four classes. So this thing has to take a back seat to my education, because my studies need to …

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Comfort Foods

It’s a strange blend of things that can make a food comforting to a person. Sometimes we don’t even really understand why; it just is. This occurred to me this afternoon, as I was sitting on the couch bemoaning yet another attack of fall illness (it didn’t seem to get the hint from the snow …

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