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Day 1 of 21: Junk Drawer

Got my week’s homework (everything I can without further inputs from classmates, that is) done earlier than anticipated, and celebrated by getting started on the 21 Day Organizing Challenge. Day 1 is the junk drawer, and since I already did it (after a cursory glance to confirm it had remained organized!) I decided to take on the junk basket we have sitting on the weird little ledge in the apartment next to the junk drawer.

This basket (I forgot to take a before photo 😦 ) is the drop-zone for all kinds of random, but potentially useful, little things, as well as a the functional mailing station, with the stamps, a few envelopes, and return address labels all together. When I pulled everything out, it took up a good couple of square feet, pre-organizing. Mind you that this basket is about 8″ x 5″ and maybe 3″ deep. That was a lot of crap to have in that basket!

Removed (and tossed/relocated) from the basket:

  • A PacMan Wendy’s toy
  • A thank you card from our wedding for a person whose address I still don’t have
  • Two returned-to-sender thank you cards from the same wedding because I forgot to put the PO box on the envelopes
  • An ornament from Ryan’s youth
  • A beaded stitch marker I made
  • A Happy Bunny pin
  • Several keychains
  • Two lanyards
  • An Insomnia Cookies punch card
  • 9 Gumby’s Pizza “collect 10 and get a free pizza!” cards
  • A giant pixie stick
  • A Sharpie long dried up
  • A mint from last Christmas
  • Two name badges from my internship this summer
  • A Douglas J discount keytag
  • A bus pass

Yeah…that’s a lot of junk. The thank you cards I feel REALLY bad about; I didn’t even know they were in the basket! Needless to say, I’ll be tucking those into Christmas cards this year…ergh.

But this is the basket after the purge:

  Still (rightfully) in the basket are the aforementioned mailing supplies, some pencils and pens, a stash of Post It notes, my beloved rubber band ball (I made it when I was like 14; it’s solid rubber bands all the way through, as it should be!), bus schedules for less commonly used but still important bus routes, a small stash (3 items) of little things needing repairs, and the baggie for collecting pop tabs*. I think it’s a job well done for this Sunday evening.

What’s up tomorrow? The computer desk. Oh dear…this one is a space problem!

*The family of a dear friend who passed last February from complications related to his kidney problems is collecting pop tabs to cash in. The money is being donated to Gift of Life in his name, to help people get the transplants he was never able to.




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