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21-Day Challenge (From A Bowl Full of Lemons)

Since we have roughly 21 days left to the semester (counting weekends), I figured that giving the organizing challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons a try was a good use of it and a good way to help keep my sanity intact through finals. And a good way of leaving myself less opportunity to be distracted by cleaning when I should be studying.

I’m starting tomorrow with the junk drawer, even though I just did my drawers. This is technically 19 days from the official end of the semester; but I get to kick out a day by not having a laundry room to concern myself with, and another by not having children whose toys I’d need to keep tidy, too. Some of my other storage overlaps, but that’s alright- I’ll find things to substitute as the days go on or use the days to clean clutter that’s amassed simply because something needs to be done with it and I haven’t taken the time to do it yet. I’ll also be posting my progress here as I go along, though probably not every single day. The whole end-of-the-semester thing means I’ve got papers to write, presentations to make, and exams to study for.  And Christmas/Yule gifts to be making…but more on that later. People I’m crafting for and people over whose shoulders they might peek read this, so you won’t be getting photos until after they’ve gotten their stuff!

Considering making a Facebook event to share with some of my friends I know have been trying to tidy up, too, so we can share ideas and whine about our messes together. And maybe have a swap with stuff we want to get rid of that’s still in good condition- and if items go unclaimed, we’ll donate them appropriately. Hmm…perhaps.

Anyway…before I get to all this, I’m doing some post-Thanksgiving cleaning around the apartment, and I’ve got to get back to that. It’s going pretty well, but there’s some sweeping and place adjusting left to be done before I’ll be happy to go to bed tonight.


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