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Wish List Conundrum

Happy Black Friday, everyone! I hope those of you who went out were successful in your quests, and those of you who stayed in enjoyed the peace and quiet/sleep. I found my perfect pair of brown boots and snagged the last pair in my size (the lady responsible for stocking them had just put it on the shelf and remarked on it, that’s how I know) at Kohl’s for $25, and got a couple of Christmas gifts for Ryan’s side.

Had a fantastic Thanksgiving, overall. My brother-in-law’s first turkey came out fabulous. Seriously- it was beautiful and delicious, even though he left the gizzard bag in there, haha! The family was great, we got a pile of leftovers, I finished knitting half this set of fingerless mitts, and I was told by Aunt Lori that I’m a good fit for the family. That made my day, it really did. ‘Cause there’s thinking you fit in well with the in-laws, and then there’s knowing they think you do, too. And that’s a great thing. I’m so glad I don’t have nightmare in-laws!

But then we got to the part where everyone started asking what we wanted for Christmas. And we were stumped. We both tend to ask for things we need before we ask for anything else- and we don’t really need anything right now, besides maybe some extra cash to help with bills. I don’t like getting just cash for Christmas, though- or gifts in general; if it has to be money, I’d rather have a gift card than cash. And they’d rather give gifts, too, so it works out, except that we didn’t know what to ask for. (Except Skyrim- I knew I wanted that! Perfect score from all the gaming magazines? Yes please!)

After flipping through the ads and thinking about what sorts of things wouldn’t take up much of our limited storage resources, we eventually formed a list, distributed between gifters to avoid duplicate gifting (they insisted- we got two electric griddles last year, haha!). Aunt Lori insisted we ignore practicality and put what we wanted on the list regardless of need or lack thereof.

And this is what we came up with (that I can remember off the top of my head):

  • Slippers (both of us- we have wood/laminate/something hard and cold floors)
  • Sweaters (again, both of us- can’t go wrong there)
  • Food storage containers (like cereal keepers and whatnot- for organizing the kitchen)
  • A set of wine glasses (which I’m still not sure where we’ll put, but I’ve been missing them)
  • A cooking-for-two cookbook
  • Bed sheets
  • Electric shaver (Ryan)
  • Michael’s gift card (me)
  • JC Penney gift card
  • Wii and Wii Fit (Aunt Lori insisted, and they were going cheap last night, so…can’t hurt, right?)
  • Cookbook stand/holder
  • Immersion/stick blender
  • Skyrim for PS3

I know there was some other stuff, but I can’t remember offhand. There was a gift card option listed for everyone if they’d rather or if they can’t find the other bits of their list. It was just hard to come up with things this year- we’re pretty well set until we move, anyway. And that won’t be until May. I still haven’t given a list to my Gramma; I just honestly haven’t thought long or hard enough to have any other ideas!


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