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Thanksgiving 2011

It’s that time of year again- Christmas carols invading our ears in stores with the turkey not even defrosted yet. It’s a time of traditions and gathering of friends and family, and for us, still young in our marriage, it’s a time of sorting those things out.

Because between the two of us, we have three Thanksgiving meals. Three. Sometimes four, if my dad and step-mom do their own and then also go to Aunt Kelly’s. And with how everyone’s spread out, them in Mason/Hold, my maternal family in Fowlerville, and his family in Dearborn Heights (this year in Goodrich), we just can’t get to everyone. We tried, last year and the year before, but it’s just too much. So this year, we’ve started alternating Thanksgivings. His family won the coin toss (well, dice roll- we were playing Magic at the time), so for the first time I can remember in 20-some years, I’m not going to see my grandma and that side of the family for Thanksgiving.

It’s kind of a big deal- not like I’m angry or sour about the arrangements; they were my idea -but that I’ve been going to Fowlerville for Thanksgiving for years, and making a point of preserving that gathering, and now, it’s an every-other (or every third, depending on what Dad and Nelma want, too) year thing. It’s just strange, I suppose. But that’s what happens when you bring two families together with conflicting traditions; the new family needs to muddle through and build new traditions. Someday, if we have enough space, I’d love to have everyone together at our place, but that’s unlikely anytime soon, anyway. I just love those five-page articles in magazines with three generations in the kitchen and an army of people from two sides of a family (and for us, it would be an army- his side is 10, mine is 13 without us counted. So we’d have 25 people, and that’s if we don’t have the Griffins, too- that’s a good 20-something all by itself if we could get everyone there!)

Oh yeah- and for this year, with all the improvements I’ve made in my cooking and baking skills, guess what I’m bringing to dinner? The veggie tray. Heck yes, the veggie tray. Haha, go figure. Ryan’s brother’s cooking most of the stuff for dinner, probably to impress the girlfriend I hear is coming (must be serious- he’s going to their place for dinner, too), so there really wasn’t much to make, especially with Grandma Lyle and Aunt Lori bringing pies. Guess it’ll be another year before I cough up anything “Thanksgiving-y” for a table. Besides the stuff I whipped up for the gathering of friends last week; that doesn’t count- most of it came out of a box one way or another.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving, and a good haul on Black Friday, if that’s your thing. We’re going out just to gawk this year, since we’re not looking to make any big purchases.

Happy Turkey Day!


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