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Stromboli Star

Hello again- I know I said not to expect more posts, but here’s another! I was just so proud of my Stromboli from the other day I had to share it with you.

It’s the second time I’ve made it, and it’s using the method for the one in the latest Better Homes & Gardens plaid cookbook, though not the same stuffing. The first one was mostly the same ingredients, and it came out looking like this:

Which, as you can see, doesn’t look very tasty. The dough stretched too thin in parts and it didn’t fit on my pan for being too long. Looks more like a slug than food (credit to Sara for pointing this out to Facebook!)

But the second run came out looking like this:

Much better. It was straight, fit in the pan, and wasn’t weird and lumpy all over.

We’ve decided that we like Stromboli, both for the relative ease of construction and for the fact that it feeds us for like three days. Seriously- I cut it into pieces, we each have one or two for dinner, then the rest is lunch or every-man-for-themselves dinner sometime later in the week. And I think altogether it only ends up costing like $5. The second one less than that, because it was cheese we already had, $1.80 frozen pizza dough (cheat! the Meijer brand is delicious), half a $0.69 green pepper, and a $0.99 package of pepperoni slices. It keeps in the fridge really well, and microwaves up still tasty a good week or so later.

The hard part is rolling it up. Admittedly, I’m still not very good at that, but it’s easier when the dough isn’t stretched so thin. But even with that difficulty, I think if I’d taken this off the pan and put it on a fancy wooden cutting board with some veggies and a block of cheese resting nearby it could’ve been in a commercial. Yeah, that’s right. My Stromboli is star material.


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