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Practice Pie

I’ve got a little Thanksgiving gathering I’m going to this evening, and took it as an opportunity to make a pie. Well, not make-make; I didn’t cut up a bunch of fruit and swirl it together with sugar and spices and whatnot, I opened a can of filling.

But I did make the crust- I used this recipe from Real Simple (surprised?). Mostly because it was simple and quick and I’m a little short on time on Thursdays. But I was also intrigued by the idea of the cornmeal. I’ve never had cornmeal as part of a pie before, that I know of anyway, and I wanted to give it a go. Trying it out with apple filling.

The making of the crust went pretty well, altogether, simple and only took like 20 minutes. Didn’t make a top and bottom crust, though, so I folded over the “extra” around the edges…we’ll see how it turns out.

The only thing I’m nervous about is that it doesn’t look like one can of filling is very much, and I’m not sure how long to cook it for. Recipe for crust says “until golden-brown” or however long the pie recipe says; but I don’t have a pie recipe, so we’re winging it a little.

I’ll post photos when it comes out of the oven and let y’all know how it went over. As far as pie-making goes, I’m more concerned with my ability to make a good crust than I am the stuff inside. Everyone knows it’s the crust that makes or breaks a pie, anyway. Maybe the next pie I make will be from scratch all the way up; but for now, I’ve got my practice pie.

Also, while I’m at it, don’t expect another couple of posts this week- I’m scrambling for a paper due tomorrow and an exam Monday, so Stardust probably won’t get a lot of attention from me. Sorry, folks. I’ll make it up somehow πŸ™‚



The pie, turkey, and stuffing (unmentioned but vital companions to the pie!) were a hit. The only thin with any leftovers was stuffing, and not even much of that. I didn’t even get any pie, it went so fast!

This is what it looked like, though, with some sliding from being in my passenger seat all the way to the dinner (I’ll put it on the floor next time!):

You can kind of see where the crust went to heck on the one side…Oh well. It was just as delicious as the rest, I guess. And a thanks to my mother-in-law Lisa for passing on those pie dishes- they’ve come in handy on more than just this occasion!


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