Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.


While I love my husband dearly, and his absence does make it harder to sleep, I’m looking forward to the ability to stretch out tonight. And to knowing I’ll wake up with the blankets I started with.

That’s something I really don’t think enough young couples pay attention to, or that single friends know about their married friends: that you need time away from each other. No matter how much you love a person, you’re going to need some of your own time and your own space. If for no other reason than, as Emily Post has said, you won’t have any stories to tell each other anymore if you spend life attached at the hip.

That means it’s ok to go off on your own for an evening or a weekend or heck, longer if you want. It’s OK to invite half a married couple out, if it’s not an event where etiquette and propriety means you at least extend the invitation to the spouse, such as a wedding, or something where it’ll be mostly couples present, etc.

And even if you can’t get enough of each other, give it some space- it’ll make coming back together even better 🙂

I know we both appreciate some “me” time, but I know also that we both worry/wonder about the other when they’re gone. I, for one, want to know what he’s doing ’cause I want to know he’s having a good time and that I don’t have to be afraid he’s been in an accident or something (c’mon- you’ve all had that paranoid moment at least once about someone sometime!), but I hold back my texts for the sake of letting him have a good time and not spend it looking down texting back.

But we both enjoy our chances to sprawl now and then- it does a person good.

It does take longer to warm up a bed single-handedly, however. And most women will tell you men make excellent heaters- I know my feet will testify to that 😛

PS: Don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight, for those of you in the US whose states/county/whoever decides to participate in daylight savings. Enjoy that “extra” hour!


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