Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

The Pause

Our apartment is still lovely and clean (mostly) from Saturday’s attempt at entertaining, and I’m a little…unsure of what to do. There are things that still need taking care of, and things which will need to move when my computer comes home (ugh- don’t ask), but generally, it’s…well, clean. The printer is even dusted.

Now I just need free time to line up with store hours to go resell clothing and donate leftovers, and hit up Bed, Bath, and Beyond with the gift card I got for my birthday (thanks Gramma!) and the coupons I get in the mail for some of the things I want to help with the kitchen, and it will be fantastic.

Of course, by the time that happens (thank you, midterms), it’ll be Thanksgiving, and there will be the holiday present clutter to contend with, as well. But I’ve got ideas for how to manage that, too, thanks to Pinterest.


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