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Closet Swap Finished

I’ve completed the fall clothes swap and was somewhat surprised at the space I had leftover for storage after I packed away all the summer stuff, until it occurred to me that sweaters take up more room than T-shirts. But really, the Space Bags do a wonderful job. They should totally send me free stuff for all I talk about them, haha!

But seriously, there’s still some purging to be done, as I didn’t try everything on like I usually do when swapping. I was trying to get it done in just a couple of hours, so some shortcuts were made.

I did want to share one little tip with folks, though, in regards to how I store the off-season stuff. I combine my Space Bags with bins that slide under the bed, because it’s just more tidy and easier to stack stuff on top of and retrieve that way.

This is easiest to do if you lay the bag inside the bin and fill it, so that you know it will fit when it’s finished.

Then you just fill it as usual and seal it up. I have a little bit of a hard time with the vacuum-sealing, because I have a stick vacuum with no hose and a handheld one with a crevice tool. Usually the crevice tool works alright, but it doesn’t do as well as a more powerful unit would. I find pressing the clothes as you vacuum helps a bit, especially when you have odd lumps that might stick up strangely.

Once they’re vacuumed out, the bags fit beautifully in their bins. Sometimes they get flat enough I can stack two bags on top of each other in the same bin, and that’s great. Before I used the bags, I couldn’t put away about a third of our cool-weather clothes in the three bins (the two long ones you’ve seen and one more about half the size) I’ve devoted to off-season storage. Now I have extra space with both the warm and cool-weather stuff.

It’s a little warm still to swap comforters just yet, but that’s coming shortly, as well. I’m sure that expansion will be fun to see!

I’ll follow up with closet photos after it’s all said and done.


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