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Learned via Facebook that a pair of friends checked out apartments in my complex today, and ended up looking at the apartment directly next to ours, and I got to thinking about neighbors. I haven’t known any of my neighbors in a drop-by-and-say-hi way since I was in elementary school, and I had to walk half a country block to do it. I was rather friendly with the nice woman from D, Mary, who I would often encounter at the bike rack after work this summer, but she and her husband moved out before I could manage to invite her over for tea.

It’d be nice, really, to have friends close to me again, and neighbors I could actually count on to collect the random stuff that collects when we’re gone so we don’t look gone, to loan and borrow cups of sugar or rolls of TP, and to just be neighborly with.

That’s something I want to do, when Ryan and I have a house/apartment elsewhere. I want to know our neighbors. I don’t mind if we don’t like them all/they don’t like us, but I at least want to know who shares my space. And there’s that romance of what seems to be bygone days of neighborhoods actually being a community- I’m a fan.

Heck, I knew my highschool boyfriend’s neighbors, all three of them, and even though the old couple was crotchety and mean sometimes, that didn’t stop us from dragging their trashcan back up their long driveway for them when it snowed really hard in the winter. And the kids next to them and then the kids to the east would wander into the yard and up to the door to ask to play, and I loved that. It was nice.

I’m not sure how to go about it, though. I’m not the most outgoing person when it comes to introducing myself. I suppose I could broker the deal with food- cookies are a good icebreaker, right?


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  1. Growing up in Uzbekistan and then living in Long Island, we knew our neighbors. Kids always played outside together, etc. However, now we live in a hood that is not particularly friendly. I don’t know what it is, but it is just that way. I bet bringing along your delicious cookies will help you feel a bit less shy and will work in making new friends with your neighbors. I am sure.

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