Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Wednesday Already? Sheesh!

Where has the week gone? Two midterms, a presentation, a field trip, and an event with the student group I co-coordinate- had to stop and think for a minute this evening to remember what day it was.

And as happens when I get that busy, the apartment is in complete disarray.

So I’m indulging in my favorite procrastination/school distraction: cleaning! Just finished the bathroom, complete with a “Do we really need this in here/need this at all?” cleansing of the cabinets. Everything’s all sparkly now and I’m moving on.

I was originally going to take care of the recycling, too, but I lost my evening’s daylight to Pinterest and finishing up that presentation.

But I’m wheedling about where to devote my cleaning attentions next- do I attempt to tidy the kitchen counters, or wait until I bake those cookies? Actually, nevermind- I’m off to bake cookies; I’ll find something to clean next while they’re in the oven.

Photos, recipe, and review to come, of course 🙂


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