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Change of Seasons, Change of Home

Some people decorate by season. I clean. About the only season I decorate for at all is the winter, because when the Yuletide white-and-grey takes over outdoors, I need some cheer inside to keep me up. Snow is beautiful and all, and there’s not much more graceful than the silhouette of an old, old tree against sparkling fresh snow, but I’m a plants person. I need some green in my life!

But every change of season I get restless. I can feel the change and I need to move with it. One of the little things (which, since it usually takes me a few hours, is really more of a big thing) I do is swapping the closet contents to the appropriate season. So soon, here, I’m going to need to pull everything out and pack away the summer tees and tanks and replace them with sweaters. This process usually involves a little purging, but this year, I’m doing it big.

When I first swap clothes, I hang everything up with the hanger facing the wrong way on the rod. When I’ve/Ryan’s worn something, it gets replaced with the hanger the right way. This helps to keep track of what we’re actually wearing or not wearing. I’m still doing that, but beyond that, I’m going to go through each and every piece of both the outgoing and incoming season’s selections and purge, purge, purge. Anything that doesn’t fit, I didn’t wear all that often, doesn’t quite look as good on me as I’d like, or doesn’t fit with what my life is and what I want it to be has to go. And, as much as I hate to do it, that means shoes, too. Ah- breaks my heart!

After that, I’ll attempt to sell whatever I can at the local resale shops, then donate what’s left (don’t worry- shoes will again be offered up to good homes among friends, those recalling the last purge of shoes) and go shopping to fill in gaps I’ve noticed while attempting to make outfits recently and acquire more professional-flavored clothing with any money I get from resale. I no longer own a pair of brown boots (which I’ve been missing sorely lately), and I’m graduating and hitting the job market in May, so I’ve got to have interview clothes. Right now I think I’m doing pretty well for those, but I know I need some more tops. And a proper suit. Just one, though- in horticulture, there really isn’t a whole lot of opportunity or call for suit-wearing. Hopefully a nice one with both a skirt and pants, so it’s versatile. I’m going to need to take a friend or two with me when I do go shopping, though- I can be somewhat terrible at dressing myself, and it’s embarrassing. I’m good at dressing others, but somehow struggle when it comes to me and the mirror (or me and the sale rack).

It’s also getting colder here, and that means swapping over the covers on the bed as well. The big, black-and-grey comforter has been stashed nicely in an XL Space Bag tucked behind a hanging shelf in the closet, and I’ll swap in the light quilt we’ve had all summer that I just washed. Picked up a gorgeous red 90″x90″ Sherpa-backed blanket recently at TJ Maxx for cheap that will be keeping it company- it’s super soft, on both sides. Our apartment, while heated, doesn’t heat very well in the winter, and multiple blankets are usually necessary. Especially because one of us tends to cocoon up in one or two and leave the other out with a sheet and a breeze! (hint: not me!)

For fall, I’m totally busting out the Bath and Body Works fall-scented WallFlowers. Mmm…autumn leaves…pumpkin patch…spiced cider….I’ve missed you! (And I’ve got a stash from the last time they did a $5 2-pack sale- win!)

And, of course, with the colder weather comes an increase in hot tea consumption. So I’ve got to pick up more of that, too. All I have after the Great Kitchen Purge is raspberry, mint, and some black loose tea, and two of those are decidedly summer flavors- I even tossed the chamomile of indiscernible age.

I might end up decorating a little this year. We’ll see- probably nothing *too* extensive; haven’t got the space or the budget for much. If I do, I’ll put pictures up. May just end up being some fake flowers crammed into the recycled wine bottle on the computer desk, haha!

Anyway…wish me luck! And stay tuned for the action shots of the 2011 fall swap n’ purge- it’s gonna be fun.



  1. Hello,

    We saw your reference to storing your comforter in a Space Bag and just wanted to say that we’re glad we can help you save space. Space Bag has an online community called Space Savers where we offer organizing tips and storage ideas. Feel free to visit if you’d like help with the seasonal clothing swap or want ideas for how to organize other areas of your home. Thanks again for mentioning Space Bag. Good luck with the rest of your fall organizing!

    Best wishes,
    Space Savers correspondent

  2. I have to finish taking out my fall/winter clothes and putting the summer ones away. Good for you for editing your clothes and shoes. I do so at least a few times a year. My closet space is limited. I like to keep only the best and what flatters my generously sized frame. Have a good one,

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