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You Know What They Say About Idle Hands…

It’s been far too long since I properly knit something. I feel like I haven’t finished a project in years (actually, come to think of it…I don’t think I have)! I’ve been waffling about starting something moderately mindless to knit during class for a few weeks now, as it helps me stay focused and not fall asleep from sheer understimulation, and teaching a friend to knit recently (we’re doing weeks of “one step at a time” classes- just did casting on and the knit stitch) has me thinking I really should get something on the needles. Or at least finish up the scarf I started a year and a half ago, around the time of my dear cat’s departure.

But it’s got a pattern to it that requires I pay more attention than I’ve got to spare in class, so I need something else. Perhaps a baby blanket for one of the folks popping them out lately. Hmm. I’ve got a good list of things I’d like to knit on Pinterest, (which, by the way, has successfully stolen any productivity not already claimed by Facebook) but I’m not really looking to buy that much yarn for anything just yet, not with a holiday craft-swap coming my way. Oh dear. I could look up some one-skein projects, or perhaps get going on some of those projects I meant to do with yarn I purchased while traveling. There’s the Marquette scarf, in discontinued shades of a lovely fuzzy yarn, the Montreal fingerless gloves of powder-blue angora, or the cheery cotton cap of Mackinaw City yarn- all of which were envisioned at the time of their purchasing, but none of which have made it even onto the needles. The furthest along would be the Marquette scarf, which has at least been balled up properly.

I did promise Emily a hat if she picks a pattern and buys the yarn, but then, I’ve done that for so many people who pick a pattern and then don’t bother with any further step, I’m not too optimistic about getting to make that. Nothing against her- it’s just been my experience with those folks.

Either that, or I really must take up needlepoint or cross-stitch or something.

And then I’ll have more photos to share. And won’t that be nice, dear readers?


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  1. I wish I knew how to knit or sew; don’t think I will be good at either. Love your comment about Pinterest “stealing productivity not already taken by Facebook.” It should be a quote on Pinterest, to which I am officially addicted.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Really appreciate it.
    O from Order Matters

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