Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Sunday-Evening Clean

What to do on a Sunday evening after a whirlwind Saturday out of the house and with a small pile of homework-related tasks to see to…hmm…

Procrastinate by doing something else that needs doing, of course!

Since I’m just not quite in the mood for homework yet, I’m going to get going on the REAL source of embarrassment in the apartment: the aisle on Ryan’s side of the bed. It’s so guilt-ridden for me I’m not even showing you photos.

It’s one of those spaces that somehow just acquires stuff- clothes, papers, miscellany -stuff that either languishes for a while before being returned home, or more the point more often: gets stuffed there because it’s being shuffled around in the foster-care system of stuff, waiting until it can have a real home or age out of the system.

So I’m off to to that now. Or try, anyway.

(…And to put away the laundry which has been waiting, neatly folded, in the basket it came through the door in after Wednesday’s washing. Oh dear. Sometimes, I really do do terribly about putting it away…)



  1. Starskim

    PS: I did finish the homework due tomorrow, and make more headway on Thursday’s, in addition to putting away the laundry- yes all of it- and sorting if not finding homes for the stuff in that little aisle. Woo!

  2. Starskim

    PPS: 450 views?! Holy crap…thanks everyone for reading- that’s super cool. Really- it is!

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