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Kitchen Inspiration

Alright, alright- so being stuck home with dry socket (only 5% of all tooth extractions get it. Lucky me.) that’s ridiculously painful and results in me not being able to really concentrate on much, even with pain meds, has led to me wandering blogs.

Let me introduce you to IHeart Organizing. The lack of a space between the I and H drives me a little batty, but the blog is beautiful and chock-full of that organizing goodness I love, and which has formed the majority of my ramblings here, as that’s what I’m currently facing on the domestic front.

This entry from last October has my head swimming with all the things I’d like to redo in the kitchen. It’s good for a kitchen to evolve- your use of it and the things in it is fluid, shifting with your life situation. A good overhaul is beneficial every once in a while, to reassess needs and placement of contents in drawers and cupboards. Throughout last October, IHeart did just that, and in this three-part drawer bit, she overhauled the drawers in a fantastic way. The amazing transformation is in Part 2, but the process is there in Part 1.

I really like the idea of putting all your gadgets and utensils (besides the obvious forks and knives and spoons) on a two-week probation. Trouble is, with Ryan and I not quite into our cooking swing yet, there’s a lot of things that would probably get cut that we would then turn around and need, like my rolling pin, which makes an appearance about once a month. I may shortcut it a bit and at least utilize more drawer organizers, maybe even shift the silverware over in favor of having the drawer next to the stove be strictly cooking utensils/gadgetry.

We have only four drawers in our kitchen- the one next to the stove which is approximately 15″ wide and 18″ long, the “junk” drawer at 24″ x 18″, the one housing cards and little games, overflow utensils, takeout menus, and instruction manuals for all the kitchen stuff at 18″ x 18″, and finally, the potholder/towels drawer at a skinny 7″ x 18″. Really, it would be a great deal easier if the big drawer were the one by the stove, but there’s not much I can do about that one. The only one that seems truly well-fit and well-placed with a definite purpose (the others are two-our-of-three or less) is the “junk” drawer. It’s even rather well-organized, it just needs some help maintaining borders, so to speak. The others are either too small, too far away from where they should be, have no clear use, or are too large for their use.

What I’m thinking is reorganizing in steps:

  • Take everything out of the three misfit drawers
  • Move the silverware to the square drawer
  • Redistrict the stove drawer for all the gadgets/utensils
  • Reasses
    • If space in the stove drawer, move potholders to it
    • If not, consider shifting to the square drawer
  • Asses the remaining “floating” items- do we need them, and where would we use them?
  • Find homes accordingly, or find other homes outside of apartment for rejected items
  • Assess drawer divider/container needs and make a shopping list

And then, it should all be nicely done. In fact, I think I’m going to get started on this right now. I’ll make the kitchen my weekend project. After, I’ll apply the same concept to redoing the cupboards, which I’m sure could be better, too.

I’ll even snatch the idea from IHeart Organizing and give you guys before and after shots of the drawers. It’ll be fun!

And then I’ll make cookies to celebrate.

PS: I’ve gotten over 300 views without even realizing it. Last I checked we were at 337. Thanks for reading, everyone- it means a lot that people actually do.


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