Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Giveaway Alert

Stumbling around my usual cyber haunts, I came across the beautiful Order Matters blog. She’s hosting a giveaway in honor of her recent pantry makeover, here.

You’ve got to follow the blog, and like it on Facebook, then tell her in a comment what you’d do with the prize. The prize is an hour of online professional organizing services, a $50 giftcard to The Container Store, and a package of labels of your choice from Paper Source.

Of course I jumped right on it! I ❤ The Container Store, even though I’ve only ever experienced it via the web. And I could use some professional advising about the apartment, that’s for sure. Before it becomes necessary for us to move out and construct a new home from the piles of books we could barely store in this one.

So, anyone with a nook or cranny of the house/apartment/dorm to reorganize- go get ’em! Can’t hurt you to enter, and it closes Sunday the 4th.


Also, good, winning vibes for Mrs. Starski here, mmkay?


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