Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Life’s Little Pleasures

Ah, tea…how I do love you. There’s something heartwarming and classic about a cup of tea. Something comforting beyond the warmth of the cup in your hands and the drink in your belly. It’s wonderful.

I hope someday to have a fireplace and a beautiful high-backed chair- not for the luxury of it, but to enhance my tea even further.

Yes- a high-backed chair with a delightfully soft, old blanket and a cat in front of a crackling fire. With a proper china tea set in some over-the-top floral pattern. And the cat must be as ridiculously fluffy as the china is colorful.

But for now, it’s still perfectly lovely out of a Hershey’s Chocolate mug in an old office chair in front of a laptop. Chamomile and milk, for good rest the night before the start of the fall semester.

And a new book- The Recipe Club, by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel. Not on my beloved Nook- the hardcover edition was cheaper on Amazon, (and I wanted it half for the recipes anyway) so I’m reading it in good old-fashioned print.

Goes well with a cup of tea, I think.


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