Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

So Me

This blogging, on the blog of my favorite magazine, is on one of my favorite topics.

I am the List Queen. I live by lists.

No, really. This article is so me. I make lists for everything- from the mundane and typical grocery list to the categorization of my shoe collection, to things I detested about an ex (some have borne witness to said list), to an obsessive-compulsive list of every song on every CD I owned both home-burned and store-bought, to good colors to paint my nails. I make lists to study for exams. I list lists.

There’s just something…concrete and sorted about writing things down. Good old-fashioned pen and paper are my favorite of lists. I’ll sit in front of the computer with a notepad and pen and make lists rather than cut n’ paste or type one out.

Lists make me calmer. I have the idea that somehow, making a list makes me feel like I can wrap my head around it and manage whatever it is. Even for things that are wholly unmanageable like detestable boyfriends (in which case the only option is to abandon ship) and the young death of a good friend (in which case I’m still not sure there’s much to be done). I’m not sure if it’s even really all that useful to me, but it seems that it is and that helps, making it wholly worth its salt.

Every journal I’ve ever owned has had lists in it somewhere- I’d go so far as to say every notebook. And definitely every blog 🙂

Long live the List Queen!


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