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Hello again! Thursday and Friday this week I was out traveling with some of my good fellows from my job at the MSU Horticulture Demonstration Gardens, and it was quite the trip. A whirlwind 2-day tour of four gardens in the Chicago area, including the fantastic Chicago Botanic Gardens and Morton Arboretum.

I took 750 photos.

And caught my death of garden envy.

Seriously, I cannot wait until I have a proper yard I can tear up and turn into a garden. Seeing all the fabulous displays and combinations of plants has made me slightly depressed I can’t rush home and plot out a new bed or two or so to plant myself. And water features- oh, the water! SO many things to go gaga over those two days, and I can’t even properly try any of them out myself!

It was good inspirational material for me to use career-wise, anyway, I suppose. Container ideas, even some wall plantings I adore. Everywhere I’ve seen wall plantings (I’ll show you what I mean in a minute!) I’ve been smitten with them. Such a great use of space. And they seem to be trending in these parts, at least in display gardens.

Those of you on my Facebook, I hope to have the better part of the 750 posted soon. The rest of you will have to make do with me squeaking out some highlights here and there. WordPress doesn’t give me that much space.

A mostly-edible container on the green roof at ChiBot. I loved those purple flowers- very funky.

Creative use of giant containers on a hillside at Ball. Gorgeous plants.

A larger wall planting, this one in a wool-pocket system rather than a frame like the other one.

One of the wall plantings at Ball

An adorable little peachy Coreopsis. I'd never seen an orange one before.

There are so many more photos it’s not even funny. If any of you find your way out to the Chicago Botanic Gardens in particular, I highly recommend it. Add on an extra day just for those gardens, it’s totally worth it. Absolutely stunning. Any photos I do have don’t do it justice.


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