Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Oops- I Missed!

I missed an entry yesterday because I fell asleep before I managed to get out of the recliner again! Guess all the cleaning and dashing about wore me right out.

The apartment is decently clean now, and I’ve purchased a couple of letter boxes. Our local Meijer has a lot of the organizational supplies on sale for the great repopulation of East Lansing as the students move back in these next two weeks, so I scored them for $6 apiece rather than the regular $10.

The corner even made progress:

There are still some piles and some things awkwardly stored, but I hope to have that worked out during the rest of the week. Hope to. I wish I had more space in the kitchen so I didn’t have to have some of the stuff in these shelves, because that’s more space I can squeeze books into.

That, by the way, is the problem here- we have more books than we have shelves. And this isn’t even all of either of our books. I’ve got at least two Wendy’s fry boxes and two Rubbermaid tubs full of books in my parents’ care in addition to what we have here. Eek. We even have books behind books here, as you can sort of see in the top right there- the back row is previous semesters’ texts we want for reference, and the front is current semester/most-used reference. I’ve got books stashed behind the current semester’s folders, too. Thinking about just stacking them in the corner under where that paper tray is, but then I’m not sure the paper tray will fit where it needs to.

I’m going shopping later today- including a Bed, Bath, and Beyond run -and hoping some inspiration springs upon me.

I’d kill for another closet.



  1. Christine

    I’ve still got my copy of Getting to Yes. You can’t give that shit away!!!

    • Starskim

      *sigh* Damn. I was thinking of doing just that, actually. Show up to class the first day and be like ‘Who needs this book?”

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