Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.


I did a speed-clean of the apartment (or at least, the public areas of the apartment!) today. Five hours post-dishes. I used the impending visit of a friend to set myself a deadline, and I think it worked pretty well. It’s by no means what I consider clean, but it is at least presentable.

It wasn’t because she was coming to visit; I believe your friends should love you in your mess as they love you in your tidy, well-kept times. I just find that I get more accomplished in an overview way when I’ve got some pressure.

So I cleaned all the floors in the kitchen and living room, both carpeted/rugged and not, cleared the “miscellany” counter, removed the tabs* from and bagged the pop cans, bagged up all the recycling, tossed the dead plants I’ve had chilling out (hey- it’s hard to want to water stuff when that’s what you do 8 hours a day at work!), disinfected the trash can, and did some dusting. I’ve got a giveaway box/pile started, and an empty trash bag ready to go. And with the house to myself for a good chunk of the evening now, I’m going to get attacking the shelves. I’ve got a nice, spacious canvas to work in now, or at least moreso than before, and I’m taking full advantage of it.

I’m getting some idea of what I want to get in terms of storage containers, too. Like I know now I’d like some letterboxes and something like those little shelf-splitters you can get for the kitchen to better manage the stuff near the printer.

Going to be rearranging stuff to better suit how it’s used, too. Like shifting the letter trays with various printer papers in them over by the printer. I know, I know- it makes WAY too much sense. It was by the printer, before we moved furniture earlier in the year, and it just never made the move.

And then, to reward myself for a hard day’s work, I’m painting my nails green. I’ve got a new one from my mom, who sells Avon, that I’ve been wanting to try out. I’m on the search for a dark green I really like, and this one is the next contestant to bat.

Ta for now- I will have that corner re-sorted by Monday, I will!


* A dear friend of mine died this past February from complications related to his kidney failure, for which he had been on dialysis since we were in high school. A friend of the family is collecting pop tabs and donating the money from the sale of the aluminum to research in his name. If you have them and you can get them to me, I will pass them on.


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