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Pickle Break!

I took a break from my cleaning and general insanity (hah- as if) this evening to make pickles. Not quite “real” pickles, but quick pickles, with no boiling, no canning, and a one-week keep time. I just wanted to try it out. I love pickles, and it’s kind of hard to find any I can really enjoy eating. The primary problem being that I’m allergic to onions and garlic, two of THE pickling ingredients. The secondary being the high levels of sodium. It’s recommended now that women only consume 1500 mg per day. That’s not a whole lot. By recipe, these have 241 mg per spear, or a total of 3856 mg if you were to eat all 16 spears and drink the brine. Eek! The ones in the fridge are even more than that. (And, since I do typically drink my pickle juice, I do count its sodium and garlic/onion content!)

I followed this recipe, from an old issue of Real Simple, previously declared as one of my favorite magazines. And with it, I turned this…

…into this…

I made a few modifications to it, for allergies’ sake and to make do with what I had on-hand. I didn’t have any white wine vinegar, so I just used regular white vinegar. I also didn’t include either the onions or the garlic. I’m really hoping these don’t just turn into sweet pickles without them; I don’t like sweet pickles. So this is as much an experiment with the idea as it is with the modified recipe.

I made two jars, and if they’re good, I just might bring one to work. Or I might be selfish about it and eat them all :p But at any rate, given sufficient jars, we now have something to do with those five zillion cucumbers that the Children’s Garden keeps churning out if these pickles turn out to be delicious.

I’ll also be posting the verdict on their deliciousness later- they need to be refrigerated for at least a day first.


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  1. Starskim

    PS: The Pirouettes jar wasn’t actually cookies; it’s my sugar canister. Reuse, reuse, reuse!

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