Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

The Challenge

I made some progress today. Pretty well cleaned up the counter space in the kitchen, except for the space occupied with dishes ready for washing (I rinse and sort before scrubbing…) and the other space strewn with Magic: the Gathering cards. Also cleaned out the fridge, only needing to discard some leftover sausage and cranberry juice. Considering how few meals we’ve eaten at home (or at least cooked at home) lately, I think that’s a victory.

But still left are many of those obnoxious little piles. And one bigger pile.

  This, dear readers, is the corner nearest my side of the desk. (Yes, our apartment is so small we share a desk. Anyway…) This corner is currently home to all our school stuff, books you can’t see hiding behind everything except the kitchen stuff on that top left corner and the Magic cards in the bottom left, the aforementioned Magic cards and kitchen stuff, some paper supplies, and some miscellany which has collected around it. My primary objective before school begins is to redo this corner and tidy it all up. Thinking I may need to purchase some organizational baskets and trays and whatnot. We’ll see how it goes. I also need to revamp my little desk tray under the printer shelf- it’s holding most of the office supplies that should go in a desk drawer (and used to, when we lived in the dorms), but now lives beneath the printer because our desk has this weird cupboard on one side instead of having drawers.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more inconvenient I find our apartment. It really does seem to be made for transient residents; little storage and little space for furniture. And we can’t hang anything that can’t be held up by Command hooks. There’s a few things we could replace that would gain us storage- or usable storage, anyway -but then that whole broke-college-student thing kicks in. We have our minifridges that we’re using as an endtable and a nightstand, and I’d very much like those to be real tables, but we’d have to sell them to be able to get those. And ensure they got out of the place! I tried cleaning one out and using it as storage, unplugged, but it retained its musty fridge smell and passed the stink on to an afghan. Ugh.

So yeah…I’ll put up photos of my eventual triumph over the corner when it happens. Wish me luck.



  1. Christine

    I just finished clearing out 5 (ok more like 6-7) years worth of crap out of my apartment. You just have to be merciless–if you haven’t used it in 6 months, pitch it! It’s a weird yet awesome feeling to not be surrounded by so much useless crap. Almost as if I can concentrate better.
    I have lots of drawers so I don’t need boxes, but I think Home Depot or Bed Bath and Beyond have some great storage boxes aimed at college students and their tiny dorm/apartments. Good luck!! 🙂

  2. Starskim

    Yeah, I know. I just really hate throwing out stuff someone could use, but I barely ever have the chance to make it down to Goodwill or the give-and-take center here.

    Once I figure out what I need in the way of storage containers, I’ll be scouting those places out. Probably starting with BB&B, because I have a $10 certificate and coupons for them.

    I really think a lot of places underestimate the true tininess of our living spaces, though. There’s a lot of “tight space storage” I can’t make fit!


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