Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Playing Catchup

Summer has nearly ended and I can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s not still June. With my internship for my horticulture degree this summer, I’ve had my first taste of 40-hours-a-week employment, and I have to admit, it’s left me reeling a bit. I’ve been pretty good about managing to keep the important things going- time with Ryan, time out with friends, making sure laundry, dishes, and bathroom-cleaning happen regularly -but the general clutter has piled up on me. There is a lovely pile in nearly every “drop zone” where we commonly use and then deposit items. Of course, when I say “lovely,” I mean “annoying, unsightly, and ungainly.” I admit, I’ve been a bit lazy about it, as there’s not a lot of space to really move things and organize in my typical spread-it-all-out-and-look-at-it method, and after 8 hours of working outside in the hot summer sun, I don’t particularly feel like rummaging through anything.

So this weekend, and the week after next that I’ve taken off before the semester resumes, I’m whipping the apartment back into shape. As such, I’m scouring my favorite magazines’ websites and articles that I’ve saved for ideas on how to redo things and speed/organization tips to help me along the way. Real Simple is my absolute favorite for this, as every year they publish a Spring Cleaning issue that is full of OCD-fueling inspiration, and this year included this article, which I love. Particularly as a lot of those tasks are simply pains in the rear that most of us don’t even like to bother thinking about doing. I also really, really enjoy their monthly speed-cleaning articles, where they break down a reorganization/cleanliness maintenance task minute-by-minute, typically in around 15 minutes total. Everything from the car to the fridge to the oven and cupboards- they’re pretty handy. And I’m very likely to be using each and every one of them (except for the one about the pantry, because as much as I’d like one, we don’t have it in our tiny student apartment) on this cleaning overhaul.

Expect to hear me whining about it along the way. While cleaning is fun and satisfactory in the end, catching up after a whole summer of neglect is no picnic. We’re talking everything from the desk I’m typing at to the car trunk to the kitchen counters and the bedroom floor. It’s gonna be fun and tortuous all together, and I’m considering hosting a wine-and-pizza help-me-toss-it party to get it done. And clean out some of the wine stash that we’ve accumulated.

Cheers! I’m off to make a list of what I want to do so that I can break it down and prioritize for later. In the mean time, enjoy this photo of a small butterfly on a flower I took at work on Thursday:


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