Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.


One of my least favorite things about the summer, however, has been how little knitting or other crafts I’ve gotten to. I have a scarf on the needles still from last fall, a knitted witch hat (yes, you know the one- pointy and black) looking sad, a pile of headbands I haven’t quite gotten to embellishing, and an apron pattern all cut out but unsewn from last summer. Among other things. I mean, heck- I have a needlepoint a friend very recently handed off languishing in the recesses between school paraphernalia on the built-in shelves near the computers without a single further stitch sewn.

The apron, I think, is the greatest disappointment. I keep cooking or doing dishes and thinking “I wish I had an apron. That’d be swell right about now.” But no; it lies folded merrily in pieces in my box of crafty goodness in the closet. I know- it whimpers at me every time I go to pick out a pair of shoes.

Too lovely for the box it's in. Poor thing.

And I really did think I’d get somewhere. Perhaps if I’d had more leisure time this summer, my crafts would have had less.

Now school starts back up in just a few weeks and I’ve got to wrap my head around everything that comes with that. I purchased notebooks in four colors for my classes this fall, but found myself with nowhere to put them, as I’ve yet to shift those shelves (the ones hiding the needlepoint) around to make room for the new semester’s additions. I am exceedingly grateful that so far it seems I have only one required text for this go-’round, both for the cash and for the fact that I needn’t worry about making much new space. Anyone who has seen the apartment knows there is little if any left to be found.


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