Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

“There is nothing undignified about housework.”

So reads a line in Don’ts for Husbands, Don’ts for Wives, written by Blanche Ebbutt and published by A. & C. Black, Ltd. in 1913 London. It’s true- the only thing that would make it seem undignified would likely be that many of us tend to purposely put on “scrubs,” clothes we don’t care about the condition of, to do them.

In fact, I tend to find it rather calming and meditative.

What else leaves you with such an obvious effect on your surroundings, which not only can serve to calm in the moment of its doing but also to perpetuate that comfort onward after its completion? I have a ripped-out page from a magazine I read which contains another quote I appreciate:

I really love to clean. It’s not anything compulsive, it’s just that you can see a difference when you’re through. Not like raising kids or something that you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out for a couple of decades.
-Jill Churchill, Farewell to Yarns

These sentiments sum up the best of why I decided to dedicate Stardust as an ode to domestic adventures. While everyone’s rushing off in the age of Facebook and Google+ and phones that do everything but make real connections to people, the simple joy found in the little actions of keeping a house and a life running is getting lost. I haven’t lost it, and won’t let it go without a fight. You can live your whole life off fast-food and the internet, and you’ll still have to do laundry and dust from time to time. There is no reason we shouldn’t take some pleasure in it. I feel I have something vital to share in that, being a member of a generation that seems hell-bent on avoiding all those “tedious chores” of our parents and grandparents, and being one that -gasp- enjoys all those “tedious chores.”

Much of life is in the little things, and thus those little things are the great things that bind us to our humanity.

And, well- I love cleaning. I love the satisfaction that comes after reorganizing a bookshelf, even while the rest of the room around it screams for that same attention. Much of the time, it happens, too, that that satisfaction energizes me to continue and to give other places that attention, and add to the general well-being of my household, both from a surroundings and a people perspective. It’s a beautiful thing, that.

So then, with this whole inaugural post thing, I suppose there are a few things I should share:

  1. I’ve got a life going on outside this blog- shocking, but true. I started it up to encourage if not force me to return to my writing, but I will need to put it lower on the priority list. There are many strings which will pull first, and I cannot seriously promise frequent posting.
  2. That said, I am starting myself with a goal of three posts per week. All three may come at once, or they may come spread out, or there may be more than three- but there will be at least three from Monday to following Sunday of varying length and content.
  3. Comment to your heart’s content; I enjoy hearing others’ thoughts, or reading them, as the case may be.
  4. All images used either in the header or within posts are my own unless otherwise listed. I expect you to respect that I have put resources into them, and that I have not given permission for them to appear elsewhere. Yes they are nice- and yes, I want the credit for my work.
  5. That said, if you would like to make use of them, please ask. I doubt I’ll say no, but I want to know where they’re going. If you just want to share them on your own blog, such as in a post, please link back and comment with the link to their placement.
  6. I am maintaining a personal “b*tching blog” on LiveJournal. Occasional posts which may be of some relevance or interest will be added on their own page at a later time.

It’s getting about that time of the evening, though- I’ll be back soon. Two more posts for the week, after all 🙂


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