Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Here to Stay

After mucking around with a few blogging sites, I’ve found that this one is by far my favorite. It looks better, it’s easy to use, and I can do nifty things with my photos. My flower looks fantastic in my header, if I do say so myself. Nice, natural symmetry.

I also decided what I’m blogging about. For now, I’m maintaining a “complaint log” on LiveJournal and devoting this one simply to what I’ll call my adventures in domesticity. I haven’t specified much more than that, but the broad vision is something about the home- starting cooking, cleaning and organizing, do-it-yourself projects, etc. I honestly haven’t thought enough about it to specify yet, and I don’t know that I’m going to. I like the idea of just letting it flow with my adventures and just be what it needs to be; what I want it to be.

So hello, world. Welcome to Stardust.


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  1. Starskim

    Also, I promise to update my profile and “About the Author” ASAP. But before that, I have dishes, zucchini hunting, and dinner to take care of, so don’t wait up for it!

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